Truck Work

TRUCK WORK... The Truck is small and light enough to get down most tight driveways or around the back of a house or shed but big enough to deliver top soil, bark, mulch, sand, metal, what ever is needed for that landscaping job.

Skid Steer Work

The PT-30 is only 1219 mm wide, it can fit in confined spaces & is a fast and efficient way for spreading topsoil, prepping driveways, paths,  new lawns, general garden clean ups & section clearing.

The PT-50T is 1676 mm wide with 60 hp, it has got the power needed for the bigger jobs. Perfect for site prep and dig outs, great for large amount of material to move spread and load. 

Rotadiaron and Rotary hoe

ROTADAIRON skid steer attachment... reverse tillage system for soil renovation. burying of rocks, stones, sods & debris. With leaving the fines on top ready to level out for a new lawn.

ROTARY HOE skid steer attachment... 1200mm wide, great for large veggie gardens, new gardens/planting areas etc

Auger Attachment

Attached to the PT50T currently we have 250 mm, 400 mm, & 600 mm augers.  The max drilling depth is just over 2 meters.  Perfect for Fencing and retaining house piles and foundations.

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