Our Services

Skid Steer work, Truck Cartage, Delivery's 4t payload, Lawn prep & New lawns, Flail Mowing-Mulching, Driveways, Section clearance, Concrete prep.

TRUCK WORK. The Truck is small and light enough to get down most tight driveways or around the back of a house or shed but big enough to deliver top soil, bark, mulch, sand, metal, whatever is needed to get the job done.

SKID STEER WORK. We use the TEREX PT50T to bulk out jobs, load up level, dig outs ect, for jobs where room is an issue the ASV RT40 with an adjustable tilt 4in1 bucket is used, 1260mm wide this machine knocks the labour out of everything.

ROTADAIRON skid steer attachment. reverse tillage system for soil renovation. Aerating the soil, burying of rocks, stones, sods & debris. With leaving the fines on top ready to level out for a new lawn.

ROTARY HOE skid steer attachment. 1200mm wide, great for large veggie gardens, new gardens, aerating the soil.

 MULCHING FLAIL MOWER skid steer attachment. 1370mm wide, Lawns, overgrown lawns, paddocks, gourse, brush, scrub, trees up to 80-90mm trunks in diameter, it will mow a tidy lawn and mulch a path threw a forrest. 
Rotadairon, New lawn, New Plymouth

Landscaping and Skid Steer Work Rotadiaron and Rotary hoe


Lawn Prep

Skid Steer finish, ready for the scarifier / rake / drag mats to tidy and seed - compact.

Mulching Trees Taranaki
4 week old lawn, new plymouth

Lifestyle Blocks

New Lawns/Instant Lawns

                         (4 week old lawn shown)


Section clearance

We can deliver the smaller equipment around at a competitive price, certed internal & external tie down points, deck is 2055 mm wide by 3400mm long. With carting of up to 4 ton of material.


 Flail mowing- mulching


 Block wall fill in


Retaining wall fill in